Project: Edgewater Addition

Working on a residential addition in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Adding living space closer to the garden!

Project: Waterfront Ticket Booth

A new ticket booth for Shoreline Sightseeing was finished earlier this summer. This permanent, all-metal structure replaced a temporary kiosk and was designed to blend in with similar park structures.

Project: Garage

A new garage for our next-door neighbor.

Project: High Rise Penthouse Stair

New interior stairs in a Chicago high rise. Replaced rickety spiral staircase for better access to rooftop pool.

Project: Floating Office

This "floating office" serves the Freedom Boat Club as both office and storage space and is located in Montrose Harbor in Chicago.

Project: New York Farmhouse

Recently completed, this project included a full interior renovation and a new wooden deck built adjacent to the dining room.

Project: City Boulevard Renovation

The process photo below shows the construction of a drop ceiling with cove lighting above a dining room.

Project: Chicago River Stairs

This was just completed in time for the new tour boat season: Stairs from the esplanade level down to the boat dock. We also had to lower the dock to accommodate the boat deck height. Zera Construction executed this project.

Project: Downtown Exterior Inspection

We are doing this exterior restoration project with James Warton, an engineer who specializes in this work and is one of the region's experts.

Project: Attic Renovation

We designed this attic renovation recently for an owner who wanted her office to be light-filled and comfortable, with lots of storage. Marlin Olsen was the contractor, his company did excellent work.

Project: Public Stair Renovation

Completed a year ago, this project entailed stripping the old stucco covering, to expose the severely deteriorated concrete structure. The original intent (1970's) was to have a stone covering - somehow that morphed into stucco, which did not weather so well. We decided to repair the concrete and not cover it up. I think it's beautiful. We are showing a before and after picture.


Project Update: Beach House

The second floor addition under construction. (And a good hair day.)

Project: Beach House

We are designing a second story addition and deck renovation for a beach house located on Lake Michigan. The existing one story house has an original roof with a second roof built directly on top of it. Our addition will slot new columns down through the roof (and walls) to set a second story game and guest room above the existing spaces without disturbing them structurally. We went through numerous schemes for this addition, using SketchUp to help the owners visualize the project. Here's a sample of some to that work.

Project Update: Damen Ave House

The Damen Avenue house renovation is nearing completion. The owner is excited that he can begin his planting in time for the springtime growing season.

Project Update: Damen Ave House

The Damen Avenue house renovation is now under construction. This single family residence is getting a complete overhaul: new heating, windows and insulation and siding for energy efficiency, and modernization of heating and electrical. The separate kitchen, dining and sitting areas have been redesigned to create a flowing space that will open onto a deck and the back yard, where the owner is an active gardener. As always, it’s exciting to see it all take shape.

Project Update: Michigan Vacation House

The Michigan vacation house has just been just completed. The site abuts a national park, and the house is designed primarily for summer outdoor living. This project is especially exciting to me as it represents the culmination of a delightful collaboration with the owners, who came to me with strong design ideas that meshed with my own principles of compactness, energy efficiency, honesty of materials and modern aesthetics.