The City of Chicago requires that buildings over 80 feet tall be inspected regularly for maintenance and repair issues. Inspections include superficial inspections from the ground and up-close inspections from scaffold rigs.

We ride the swing stages, survey the exteriors and record conditions, and write reports as required by the City’s façade ordinance. We have produced over 200 professional reports of over 100 buildings 6 stories to 57 stories tall, with brick, concrete, stone and terra cotta exteriors.

Just like the larger more expensive firms we:

  • ANTICIPATE: your inspection schedule
  • INDENTIFY: your facade issues
  • EVALUATE: to define your restoration and repair plans
  • IMPLEMENT: facade work for continuous operation of your building


  • Experts with terra cotta, brick, stone, concrete
  • Experience with over 200 inspections of over 100 buildings and numerous exterior repair projects
  • Critical and ongoing inspections and reports
  • Façade repair program development
  • Inspection and repair scheduling, bidding and budgeting
  • Repair documents for bidding, permits and construction
  • Façade repair observation and documentation
  • Full architectural services available, including design and construction drawings
  • Detailed bid documents and budgets, on-site documentation